The Beautiful Italian Innovation

For more than 50 years, TVS has been passionate about creating cookware Made in Italy, with the mission of making customers proud of choosing its products. A commitment that guides every choice we make as a company and translates as proposals characterised by their distinctive style, superior performance, and cutting-edge technology. Authentic solutions devised to meet the needs of different global markets, cuisines, and cooking types.

La domenica in famiglia

Familiar, precious, turn your rable into a celebration. Surprising performance and exclusive design by Enrico Azzimonti.

Titan Elite Induction

The unbeatable strenght and surprising lightness of titanium:designed to withstand intensive use over time.

Ceramica d'Autore Induction

The ceramic non-stick coating made to perfection: superior performance, sustainable quality and unique style.

Elegante Induction

Brand new colour combinations for innovative design results and surprising performance. New patented induction

Titan Duo induction

Super powerful against time, ultra gentle with food:
4 times resistant to scratches, abrasions, stains and wear. Lifetime warranty

Universo induction

Unique style for perfect cooking and maximum efficiency in the kitchen: Top non-stick quality and double disc in steel.
Excellent performance.

Sidera induction

Combination of advanced technologies for stellar cooking: Ultra-hard titanium base and innovative scratch-resistant nonstick.

Icona induction

Timeless style and top performance: stylish details, designer handles and advanced cooking
thanks to patented

Luminosa induction

Unique, distinctive, performing every day:
healthy and tasty cooking, unique shapes and stylish details thanks to the steel handle.


The beauty of glass with surprsing non-stick properties:
Healthy cooking,
perfect for you
and the planet.

Marina induction

Top style for perfect cooking: shapes designed to bring elegance and style to
the kitchen.

Crispy cooking.

Segno induction

Healthy, sustainable and tasty cooking: coating made without PFAS, fast and crispy
cooking thanks to its inner coating.


Each of the proposals has been designed and made to work across the board in different markets. TVS is in fact is present in 60 countries, worldwide, where culinary styles and cooking methods vary and require diversified supports. TVS has always made innovating for people one of its musts: products are therefore designed to suit any house, offering superior performance and elevating the cooking experience.