Unique shapes, precious details

Its bowl is externally customized with vertical slats, making it unique, distinctive, and elegant in style.

Extra brighet and luminous

Its inner coating is EXP Evolution, a state-of-the-art non-stick of the latest generation that makes the surface extra smooth and extra brilliant.

Energy time and money saving

The ceramic coating radiates heat more quickly, allowing for a reduction in boiling time by up to 10%.

Look professional

The steel handle gives it a professional look, making the pan perfect for use in the oven and extremely easy to clean.

Interior coating

Exp Evolution

It is the evolution of the EXP coating, the high-performance non-stick coating created by TVS: its formulation has been improved in terms of durability, dishwasher resistance, and cooking performance. Produced with significantly more sustainable production cycles, with up to 50% fewer CO2 emissions compared to traditional PTFE non-sticks, it ensures high-quality standards.The special technology creates an ultra-compact, smooth, and non-porous surface that allows for better browning and crispier cooking, providing a completely new and surprising kitchen experience.