The new generation of ceramic coatings by TVS last longer, are even more dishwasher safe and perform better in the kitchen. Another improved formulation: the double finishing layer increases
the thickness of the non-stick coating to leave it longer lasting and with better stain resistance.

Exclusive design

The precious satin finish and colourful coatings, combined with iconic stainless steel handles, polished by hand, give the line its exclusive, elegant style. A perfect balance of technology, performance, and exclusive style make it perfect to take straight to the table.

Full range

The full range is boosted with special shapes, created to offer a selection of standard items integrated with special ones, designed to prepare menus and many different recipes.

Unique style and performance

Expert effects created by combining the colours of the interior, exterior, and details in steel, together with the cutting-edge technology of TVS offer a range that embodies a bold aesthetic impact, top performance and manufacturing know-how. The results are precious, elegant products in refined colours, combined with the shine of aluminium, highlighting the painstaking attention to detail that is part of the TVS approach.

Innovative induction

The full steel disc included into the aluminum body is TVS patented technology and a guarantee of better energy efficiency and shorter cooking times. Perfect on induction hobs and all other cooktops.

Interior coating

Eco ok pure evolution

Eco-ok pure evolution non-stick coating, made with non-toxic, inorganic, water-based components and without PFAS, BPA, nickel, or heavy metals, making it absolutely safe for the kitchen as well as for the environment. Non-stick ceramic coating produced with up to 50% fewer CO2 emissions during the production process compared to PTFE non-stick coatings.

Sustainable quality

Sophisticated aesthetic. Made in Italy. 100% recycled aluminium with up to 88% lower CO2 emissions compared to the use of primary aluminium. Ceramic non-stick coating made without PFAS.