The special non-stick technology creates an ultra-compact, smooth, non-porous surface for crisper, more golden results, and a completely new, surprising experience in the kitchen.

Unique details and handles designed by Takahide Sano

Innovative, on-trend colours, and handles designed to guarantee maximum ergonomics and practical use.


The new ultra-compact, ultra-smooth ceramic non-stick coating and aluminium body circulate heat evenly, which means no localised overheating and guarantees crisper, more golden results.

Easy to clean

The next-generation, non-stick coating prevents food from sticking, as well as protecting the surface against stains, thanks to a layer with mineral particles:

  • +50% non-stick*
  • +60% abrasion resistance*
  • +300% dishwasher safe*

*compared to the previous generation of ceramic coatings


Excellent performance on every type of hobs, including induction, thanks to the steel disc embedded in the bottom

Interior coating

Eco-ok evolution

Ceramic non-stick coating made with non-toxic, inorganic, water-based components, without PFAS, BPA, nickel or heavy metals. Safe for the kitchen as well as for the environment. The production cycle is more sustainable, up to 50% lower CO2 emissions compared to non-stick coatings in PTFE.

Sustainable and safe nonstick

100% recycled aluminium with up to 88% lower CO2 emissions than when using primary aluminium Ceramic non-stick coating made without PFAS. Made in Italy.