Three-layer coating reinforced with diamond powder and a solid steel disc embedded cold into the aluminium body for guaranteed exceptional, durable performance.


The new frontier in induction: TVS patented technology full disc inclusion into the aluminium body, and the Diamantek three-layer non-stick coating guarantee unbeatable performance with intensive daily use.

Smart, exclusive design

Elegant palette, refined colour combinations with steel inserts, and intelligent handles that do not overheat on the cooktop, for a line with bold aesthetic impact and incomparable practical use.

Energy savings

The innovative bottom with full steel disc with central hole included in the bottom is a guarantee of maximum energy efficiency and reduced cooking times. Perfect on induction hobs and all other cooktops.


Performance is excellent on any heat source. The bottom with full stainless steel disc with central hole applied by inclusion, is a guarantee of maximum energy efficiency and reduced cooking times. The brushed bottom is a guarantee of non-slip grip on the cooktop.

Interior coating


This coating, which is the very spearhead of TVS technology, shines out for its strength and resistance, thanks to the non-stick coating reinforced with mineral particles and ultra-hard diamond powder. The surface is so hard it is able to provide special resistance to scratches and abrasion. Food will not stick and at the end of cooking, the pan can be wiped clean, just like that. It’s also dishwasher safe.

Sustainable quality

In 100% recycled aluminium, resulting in a up to - 88% less CO2 emissions compared to the use of primary aluminium. Made with optimised production processes with less CO2 emissions. Made in Italy. The non-stick coating is water-based and made without PFOA,PFOS, BPA, nickel or heavy metals. Completely food safe.