All TVS non-stick coatings are water based and made without BPA, Nickel and other heavy metals. Our PTFE non-stick coatings are made without PFOA and PFOS, and our ceramic coatings are made without PFAS.



To the excellent glide action and the best possible heat resistance (continuously stable at 260 °C), these coatings add the performance of stone: layers of ultra-hard mineral particles and speckled layers with a high mineral content, boost the strength of TVS non-stick coatings, increasing the quality. They are safe in terms of health, cannot be attacked by micro organisms, will not alter flavour, are stronger, and do not deteriorate over time. Longer lasting, perfect for everyday use as well as being dishwasher safe.



Excellent glide action and the best possible heat resistance (continuously stable at 260 °C), together with resistance to chemicals (acids and alkalis) are major features of the TVS quality non-stick coatings that cover the aluminium base layer of its cookware. They are safe in terms of health, cannot be attacked by micro organisms, will not alter flavour, and do not deteriorate over time. Perfect for everyday use as well as being dishwasher safe.



EXP is a genuine new product on the market. It offers the same non-stick qualities as the very best traditional coatings, as well as being decidedly superior to existing ceramic coatings. Three finishing layers, reinforced with mineral particles to form an ultra-hard, extra-smooth surface for guaranteed excellent resistance to scratching and wear, (+50%) and excellent reliability, even in high temperatures. The production process allows reduced CO2 (-50%) compared to traditional non-stick coatings with PTFE.


EXP VEG is a brand new item among the most sustainable, top-performing items available on the market: ultra-resistance, thanks to reinforcing particles with an ultra-strong mineral content.Maximum, natural easy cleaning, thanks to the addition of GMO-free Aloe Vera and palm oil-free plant Glycerine.
The production cycle has a reduced impact on the environment with approximately 50% fewer CO2 emissions compared with the cooking results of non-stick coatings containing PTFE (Eco-friendly technology).



The first TVS coating with plant-based components, which is absolutely resistant and naturally non-stick. The middle layer, reinforced with minerals, improves heat conduction. The triple layer increases resistance to scratches, stains and wear. And the special finish - consisting of water and glycerine - creates an extra-non-stick surface. Naturally. For excellent performance with extra innovative, sustainable content.


Hydraloe, which is patented by TVS, is the first non-stick coating to be made using natural and plant-based components. It is water based and combines scratch resistance with a natural non-stick performance, as well as being more sustainable, thanks to its natural components, Aloe vera and vegetable glycerine, which are also a guarantee of easier cleaning. This coating guarantees easy cleaning as well as being dishwasher safe. It is also resistant to wear.



Scratchproof, unassailable, and tireless. This cutting-edge coating stands out above them all for the absolute hardness of its non-stick surface over which metal tips glide easily without leaving a mark. Thanks to the texture, the exchange surface is increased in size, boosting thermal conductivity, even heat diffusion and energy savings.


The leading edge of TVS technology, this coating is a shining example of strength and resistance, thanks to its reinforced non-stick coating. The surface is so hard it is able to provide special resistance to scratches and abrasion. The evolution, Diamantek Pro has an added, ultra-resistant protective diamond barrier to make the surface even harder. It can withstand intensive, prolonged use and improve cooking performance.


TVS Titanium cookware comes with a lifetime guarantee. Titan Plasma technology creates an ultra-hard layer between the aluminium body and the non-stick coating, isolating the aluminium with an ultra-hard layer. That’s why even if scratched, cut or scuffed, the Titanium coating still provides excellent cooking results for all foods, with no sticking.


Twice the durability and constant non-stick qualities make this special coating, created by TVS to maintain cookware performance over time, thanks to an extra protective shield, applied to a reinforced non-stick coating and secured with an ultra-resistant barrier. It is easily able to withstand scratches, abrasions, salt corrosion, tomatoes and dishwasher detergents.