Super durable surface

The non-stick coating, thanks to the exclusive combination of TITAN and DIAMANTEK technologies, is 4 times more resistant to scratches, abrasions, stains, and wear.

Quick cooking times

The double steel disc applied to the bottom allows for maximum contact with the stove, ensuring optimal heat distribution.


The body does not expand with heat, maintaining its shape over time. Thanks to the thick and undeformable bottom, ingredients remain centered.

The handle is secure

The double attachment of the handle ensures a firm and secure grip.

Interior coating

Titan Diamantek Superior coating

The Titan Diamantek Superior coating is a PTFE non-stick coating with 4 layers and an overall thickness of 70-120 µm (approximately 4 times the thickness of a classic non-stick coating). It is the best coating for scratch and abrasion resistance, with excellent non-stick durability.The hardness of titanium is approximately 10 times higher than that of steel, further enhanced by the hardness of diamond powder.