We have chosen to make a difference by focusing on sustainability, well-being and safety.

The Planet is our kitchen

A philosophy imbued with feeling: "The planet is our kitchen": TVS subscribes completely to the principles of sustainability; we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment, transforming the kitchen into a place where passion for food blends seamlessly with responsibility for the future of people and the planet.

Our choice of raw materials and suppliers, our selection and creation of non-stick coatings that respect well-being, and our use of recycled and recyclable raw materials, along with the choice to work with local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint from transport are just some of things we have implemented as a company.

Circular Design

Environmental sustainability is an important commitment for TVS. From the initial design stages, TVS sees its products in the light of sustainability. Which is why the company is committed to a circular design strategy.

To make its products, TVS uses carefully selected raw materials.That is why all TVS products can be recycled at the end of their useful life cycle.

TVS uses sustainable, eco-friendly production processes from coating manufacture stages throught to transport.

At the time of disposal, the pure materials in the products can be recycled and returned to their natural raw state or otherwise disposed of.

During all of its corporate activities, TVS is committed to social responsibility.

Its certificationof the company's ethical stance towards its employees and the environment.


Through aesthetics, shapes, materials, colours, tactile surfaces, and sounds, we design experiences and sensory relationship with products. From simple elements, they become unique and distinctive items, to be discovered and loved, and to enjoy being surprised by. It’s much more than a product, it’s a world and a promise: the Cooking Feeling by TVS.


TVS is a company made up of individuals with an incredible passion for their work. Since 1968, we have been constantly making significant investments in research and innovation.

The main goal is to create cookware that not only offers top performance, but which is also revolutionary, and destined to enter every home, offering superior performance.

For TVS, innovating for people is more than a slogan, it is a mission to which we are committed. This means investing in cutting-edge technology and in continuing improvements, with a vision of the future able to anticipate trends and satisfy the needs of increasingly discerning, aware clients.