TVS has been passionate about creating cookware Made in Italy for more than half a century, aiming to instil an authentic value experience in the kitchen.

Beautiful Italian Innovation

This dedication is not only focused on creating simple products but on making sure that cooking is an extraordinary experience.

With an approach that celebrates doing and know-how, TVS embraces deep values that go beyond production. Excellence, Responsibility, Connection, Concreteness, the culture of Made in Italy and Vision for the Future are not just words for us, they are the driving force behind everything we do.

Innovation, TVS’s innate vocation, transforms our passion into authentic excellence, ensuring every product is a testament to Italian quality, production and style.

Proudly Made in Italy since 1968

TVS products are an authentic celebration of Italian excellence, an engaging melting pot of craftsmanship, tradition, and extraordinary attention to every tiny detail. For us, the Made in Italy brand is something to be proud of, a promise of superlative quality and authenticity that exceed all expectations.

Our products are made with top-quality materials, using machining techniques and production processes that can guarantee maximum resistance and cooking experiences of value. Every aspect, from materials to shapes and sizes, is carefully researched to ensure even cooking and impeccable results, so that your kitchen can be filled with items that shine for heir superior style and ergonomics.

In spite of our consolidated presence at international level, we continue to maintain a solid bond with our Italian roots. Our brand is a voice for precious Italian know-how, with all its passion, beauty, style and quality.

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