Our fundamental values are always at the basis of what we do: excellence, responsibility, innovation, collaboration, continued improvement and customer satisfaction.
Not just on paper, but in what we do every day.


TVS lays the foundations for the future.
The Bertozzini familytakes control of the company a few short months after its foundation.

The Goal: to become one of the world’s major players in the cookware industry.


TVS invests in its production process, developing new technologies, including a new spray technology.


The growth period begins, together with the expansion of the production plants in Fermignano.


The company launches a series of partnerships with the most prestigious design schools for even more distinctive products.


Technical innovation with Titan Plasma, production with SA8OOO certification and ceramic coating, and a production cycle with reduced carbon emissions.


It is the new millennium and the company creates a brand, starting with a restyled logo. A transparent, consistent range takes TVS to 65 countries.


TVS celebrates its 50th anniversary in the cookware world. Fifty years of innovation, design and quality Made in Italy, and declares: “World is our Kitchen”


A renewed focus on sustainability, the environment, and respect for raw materials and resources.


To make its products, TVS uses carefully selected raw materials. It is the start of a process in reducing its impact on the environment, introducing more and more raw materials from recycling, including aluminium, and plastics for its Bakelite handles. TVS contributes to the world reforestation project, Treedom, adopting 200 Moringa trees in Kenya, to absorb 70,600 kilos of CO2 in the first 10 years of its life. TVS has decided to call this forest: Forest of inspiration.


A new brand identity for a historic make of cookware in answer to solid principles: innovating for people, designed to be loved, living the Italian experience, commitment towards excellence, the planet is our kitchen. TVS is “Beautiful Italian innovation”.


A new brand identity for a historic make of cookware in answer to solid principles: innovate for people, designed to be loved, experience the italian way, committed to excellence, the planet is our kitchen.