New non-stick formula

The performance of its next-generation non-stick coating is TOP: + 50% more non-stick capability, + 60% increased resistance to abrasion, and +300% more dishwasher resistance compared to the generation used in TVS, with up to 10% less Time to Boil, thanks to the EXP evolution non-stick coating.

New shapes with raised bottoms

The reliefs are directly stamped onto the aluminum bottom, allowing for a larger contact surface with food, resulting in more even and crispy cooking.

Distinctive and ergonomic handles

Thermosetting bakelite handles for improved ergonomics and ease of use in the kitchen.


Compatible with all stovetops, including induction, thanks to the steel disc applied to the bottom. The brushed bottom provides greater grip on stovetop.

Interior coating

Exp evolution

It is the evolution of the EXP coating, the high-performance non-stick coating created by TVS: its formulation has been improved in terms of durability, dishwasher resistance, and cooking performance. Produced with significantly more sustainable production cycles, with up to 50% fewer CO2 emissions compared to traditional PTFE non-sticks, it ensures high-quality standards.The special technology creates an ultra-compact, smooth, and non-porous surface that allows for better browning and crispier cooking, providing a completely new and surprising kitchen experience.