New non-stick formula

The performance of its next-generation non-stick coating is TOP + 50% more non-stick capability, + 60% increased resistance to abrasion, and +300% more dishwasher resistance compared to the generation used in TVS.

Faster and crispy cooking

The eco-ok evolution ceramic coating radiates heat more quickly, allowing up to 10% less Time to Boil.

Patented induction, unbeatable performance

Thanks to the two steel discs enclosing the aluminum body, it ensures maximum stability of the bottom for rapid heat distribution.

Ergonomic handles

Thermosetting bakelite handles for improved ergonomics and ease of use in the kitchen

Interior coating

Eco ok Pure Evolution

Eco-ok pure evolution non-stick coating, made with non-toxic, inorganic, water-based components and without PFAS, BPA, nickel, or heavy metals, making it absolutely safe for the kitchen as well as for the environment. Non-stick ceramic coating produced with up to 50% fewer CO2 emissions during the production process compared to PTFE non-stick coatings.