New non-stick formula

The performance of its next-generation non-stick coating is TOP + 50% more non-stick capability, + 60% increased resistance to abrasion, and +300% more dishwasher resistance compared to the generation used in TVS, with up to 10% less Time to Boil, thanks to the EXP evolution non-stick coating.


The body does not expand with heat, maintaining its shape over time. Thanks to the thick and undeformable bottom, ingredients remain centered.

Always like new

+200% Resistance: Thanks to the ultra-hard Titanium base, it stays high-performing much longer

Ergonomic handles

Thermosetting bakelite handles for improved ergonomics and ease of use in the kitchen.


It is compatible with all stovetops, including induction.

Interior coating

Titan + Exp Evolution

Titan + EXP EVOLUTION is a guarantee of superior quality among TVS non-stick coatings. The next generation non-stick surface is applied on the ultra-hard titanium oxide base, improving abrasion and scratch resistance performance by 200% compared to application on aluminum. Titanium treatment is an ultra-hard coating of particles melted at 15,000°C that is applied directly to the sandblasted aluminum body and creates an ultra-hard base for superior scratch resistance. The next generation EXP EVOLUTION coating makes the surface nonstick for longer.