Steel pot with Artusi 2.0 basket and lid

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Steel is the specialist in cooking by immersion.
The steel pot is perfect for immersing cooking all types of food such as pasta, broths, boiled meats and vegetables

  • The steel basket is designed to facilitate cooking and draining of food after immersion.
  • The glass lid with steel knob and steam vent valve allows you to keep the temperature under control.
  • Pot and basket are equipped with steel handles, designed for greater comfort and ergonomics .
  • Thanks to its steel body it is compatible with all burners including induction .

Why buy it?

  • Stainless steel is one of the most used materials in the kitchen because it is resistant and easy to manage .
  • Stainless steel tools are particularly suitable for immersion cooking .
  • It is performing and elegant, for perfect use on the stove and beautiful to bring to the table.
  • Very easy to clean by hand, it is also resistant to the dishwasher .

ARTUSI 2.0 is a line with simple and familiar shapes, which combines the best of tradition with the specific study of materials, to make each tool perfect for the type of preparation dedicated to it. The same passion and resourcefulness that led Pellegrino Artusi to travel from region to region to compose the recipe book at the base of the Italian gastronomic identity are revived today thanks to TVS technology and Antonio Citterio's design.

Hobs and features



Electric plate

Glass ceramic


Food safe

Technical specifications
  • Piani cottura: Suitable for all burners, including induction
  • Tipo di manico: Ergonomic steel handle: handy and safe grip
  • Lavabile in lavastoviglie: Yes
  • Sicura: PFOA, PFOS, BPA free
  • Adatto al forno: No
  • Colore: Silver gray


  • Peso netto: 3.71kg
  • Lunghezza del prodotto: 37.3cm
  • Larghezza del prodotto: 25.3cm
  • Altezza del prodotto (con manigliame): 25.2cm
  • Diametro superiore: 24cm
Care instructions

Cooking with stainless steel
Stainless steel is one of the most used materials in the kitchen because it is resistant and easy to manage. Stainless steel tools are particularly suitable for immersion cooking.
General safety instructions:
1. DO NOT use in microwave ovens;
2. Product NOT recommended for deep frying (French fries, samosas, etc);
3. NEVER leave pan handles protruding over the edge of the hob;
4. DO NOT leave the tool unattended while cooking;
5. NEVER place hot cookware on the floor or near the edges of the countertop. Let them cool down and don't leave them within easy reach;
6. Use the lid to prevent any splashes from causing burns;
7. In case of fire inside the pan, turn off the heat and cover the pan with a damp rag waiting 30 minutes before removing it;
8. Pans which, for whatever reason, are in overheating conditions must not be moved, but first left to cool, because the aluminum enclosed in the bottom could melt.
Before first use:
Remove all packaging, tags and paper. Wash with warm soapy water, rinse and dry well.
Usage tips:
1. Choose the flame or plate suitable for the bottom of the pot (to avoid damaging the handle);
2. DO NOT let the flame travel up the sides of the pan. Center the pot well on the heat source (to prevent the handles from coming into contact with the heat or flame);
3. NEVER heat fat or oil long enough for it to smoke, burn, or turn black;
4. NEVER heat empty pots or boil without water because this could ruin and/or cause alterations in the color of the object;
5. To avoid spills, fill the pot no more than two thirds of its height;
6. DO NOT put bleach or chlorine-based products in pans which are highly corrosive to stainless steel even if diluted;
7. Lift the item and never drag it on the hob, especially if it is glass ceramic; 8. DO NOT use cookware to store acidic, salty or fatty products before or after cooking;
9. Salt should only be added to boiling water or hot liquids;
10. Never use pans without contents on a heat source, because this could cause alterations in the color of the steel, damage to the pan and/or defects in the bottom;
11. The following situations may occur:
- Salt grains added to cold water can damage the steel and cause slight discoloration or white or reddish spots. Any stains do not compromise the quality and functionality of the pot.
- Subjecting the pan to strong heat can cause limescale deposits to appear on the bottom, which are a natural consequence of the water hardness level. Bluish circles may also appear due to the starch contained in some types of food, such as pasta or rice. These stains can be easily removed by rubbing the pan with a soft cloth soaked in juice lemon, vinegar or specific cleaners for stainless steel pans.
1. After each use, wash the pot in hot water with detergent and a sponge. Rinse and dry well;
2. DO NOT use scouring pads, scouring pads or highly abrasive powders.
3. NEVER put cold water in a hot pan. Sudden changes in temperature can cause a deformation of the metal which makes the bottom uneven;
4. If any food has burnt in the pot, fill it with hot water and dish soap, and leave to soak for about an hour. Then wash with dish soap and a sponge. If soaking is not enough, rub with a suitable non-metallic abrasive sponge;
5. It is recommended to dry the pan immediately after washing;
6. After washing, allow handles and knobs time to drip dry.
Stainless steel items can be placed in the dishwasher but hand washing is recommended to maintain their appearance. Do not leave the pan in the dishwasher after the wash cycle has finished. It is recommended to dry the pot thoroughly immediately after washing.
Hob compatibility:
This item is compatible with all hobs including induction. Can also be used in the oven.

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ARTUSI 2.0 - design by Antonio Citterio

Like the ingredient of a recipe, the cooking tool is an essential component for the preparation of every dish, both in the home and in the professional kitchen, because just like every food has its cooking needs, so every surface reacts to the heat and processes it in a different way proving to be ideal for specific preparations. Hence the collaboration between TVS, Casa Artusi and Antonio Citterio. The result is Artusi 2.0: a battery of specific tools, optimized to best perform their task.


Follow our advice to find out how to best use and maintain the products of the Artusi 2.0 line