Terra Italia grill pan

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  • Product Made in Italy
  • Non-stick grill pan with DIAMANTEK by TVS diamond-reinforced 3-layer coating. Designed for intensive and daily use, it resists abrasion and optimizes heat diffusion
  • Thanks to the steel handles, it is perfect for finishing cooking even in the oven. If used in the oven, the use of pot holders is recommended
  • Thanks to the steel disc applied to the bottom, it is perfect on all hobs, even induction . The brushed bottom ensures a non-slip grip on the hobs
  • Thanks to the non-stick coating, foods do not stick during cooking and it is very easy to clean, both by hand and in the dishwasher
  • Thanks to the elegant combination of colors it is a perfect line from the kitchen to the table
  • All TVS PTFE non-stick coatings are water-based and contain no Nickel, heavy metals, PFOA, PFOS, or BPA
Why buy it?
  • It is elegant on the stove, in the oven and at the table thanks to the professional look in total black and steel handles
  • It is non-stick and enhanced with mineral particles and diamond powder for high hardness resistant to scratches and abrasions
  • It is performing , perfect on all burners including induction and also in the oven, thanks to the steel handles
  • It is practical because it is easy to clean by hand and resistant in the dishwasher
  • It's healthy , PFOA, PFOS, BPA and Nickel Free

    Hobs and features



    Electric plate

    Glass ceramic



    Technical specifications
    • Piani cottura: Suitable for all burners, including induction
    • Rivestimento: Diamantek non-stick
    • Tipo di manico: Steel
    • Lavabile in lavastoviglie: Yes
    • Sicura: PFOA, PFOS, BPA and Nickel Free
    • Adatto al forno: Yes
    • Colore: Black


    • Peso netto: 1.085kg
    • Lunghezza del prodotto: 51cm
    • Larghezza del prodotto: 29.8cm
    • Altezza del prodotto (con manigliame): 8cm
    • Diametro superiore: 28x28 cm
    Care instructions

    1. First use: wash the item.
    2. Anoint with a little oil, repeat the operation from time to time.
    3. Do not overheat the empty item.
    4. Use plastic or wooden utensils.
    5. Do not carbonate fatty foods.
    6. Coating compliant with food contact standards.
    7. Wash the item with warm water, neutral detergent and soft sponges.
    8. If the handles are made of steel, use pot holders.
    9. In the dishwasher (if allowed): use low temperature cycles (50°C or ECO).
    10. Over time, stains or halos may form on the article, which however do not compromise its use.

    Non-stick coating care

    To reduce the incidence of stains: cover the bottom of the article with 1 and ½ glass of water, 2 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate, ½ glass of vinegar. Heat for 2 minutes. Empty the item and wash with detergent and a soft sponge.

    Use on hobs

    1. DO NOT drag or slide items across the hob.
    2. Always use a heating element smaller than or equal to the size of the bottom of the item
    3. Make sure that the item is stable on the hob or on the support supports of gas hobs.


    1. Do not subject to sudden cooling.
    2. Washing in the dishwasher, if permitted: position the lid correctly by consulting the instructions for your dishwasher.


    TVS SpA guarantees its articles against all manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents or failure to follow the instructions for use. Any replacement and relative shipment will be borne by the TVS company. Guarantee valid only for the EU.

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    A complete line with a professional and elegant appearance, designed for cooking on the stovetop, in the oven, and all the way to the table. Made in Italy, the pan body is made of aluminum with a total black coloration: perfect for gourmet cooking on all stovetops, including induction, and even in the oven, thanks to the steel handle and items designed for all baking preparations.


    All non-stick coatings made by TVS are water-based and free from BPA, Nickel and other heavy metals. The PTFE-based non-stick coatings are formulated without PFOA and PFOS, those of the ceramic type without PFAS