“La Domenica in Famiglia“- Sunday with the family-, the special moment when love, laughter, and good food come together to create unforgettable memories. It is this spirit of joy and sharing that people gather around the table that TVS has decided to recreate, working with architect Enrico Azzimonti to design and create the “La Domenica in Famiglia” collection, a perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and unique design.

TVS, brand leader in innovative cookware, is proud to present “La Domenica in Famiglia”: Familiar, precious, turn your table into a celebration. It is an experience, an emotion, and a harmonious combination of distinctive design and surprising performance.

The precious satin finish combined with iconic stainless steel handle give the line its exclusive, elegant style. A perfect balance of technology, performance, and exclusive design make it perfect to take straight to the table. The ergonomic steel handles are enhanced with a polished finish that, combined with the refined colour palette of the pans only adds to the sheer elegance of the range. Customisation with the TVS logo lasered into the supporting base emphasises the personality.

Its induction technology is innovative and patented. The full steel disc is included into the aluminium body for improved energy efficiency and reduced cooking times. It makes also this range compatible with all cooktops, including induction, while the brushed bottom offers improved grip on the hob. The next-generation non-stick ceramic coating, Eco-Ok pure evolution last longer (compared to the previous generation of ceramic coatings), is more dishwasher safe and perform better in the kitchen. It is made using non-toxic, inorganic, water-based components, made without PFAS, BPA, Nickel, and heavy metals. The extra smooth finish also provides tasty, crisp cooking results. It is produced with up to 50% fewer CO2 emissions during the production process compared to PTFE non-stick coatings. The full range is boosted with special shapes, created to offer a selection of standard items integrated with special ones, designed to prepare menus and many different recipes.

The “La Domenica in Famiglia” range is a familiar, welcoming collection, able to transform every table into a stage for your culinary creations. It has been designed to bring its colour harmonies, shapes and geometries to the table, turning it into a celebration. Expert effects created by combining the colours of the interior, exterior, and details in steel, together with the cutting-edge technology of TVS offer a range that embodies a bold aesthetic impact, top performance and manufacturing know-how.

The results are precious, elegant products in refined colours, combined with the shine of aluminium, highlighting the painstaking attention to detail that is part of the TVS approach.

The "La Domenica in Famiglia” collection is not just aesthetically appealing, and technologically advanced, it is also the result of TVS’ commitment for a more sustainable environment. The bowls of the pans are in 100% recycled aluminium, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions - 88% less compared to primary aluminium.

With this extraordinary collection, TVS continues to redefine industry standards to make the kitchen a place of passion, elegance and innovation.

The line consists of 1 frypan with a diameter of 24 cm; 1 frypan with a diameter of 28 cm and brushed exterior; 2 casseroles with lid in the diameter 20 cm (one with brushed exterior); 1 sauteuse with 2 handles and lid in the diameter 24 cm; a grill pan with 2 handles; a pizza pan with 2 handles, 32 cm in size; a sauteuse with 1 handle and brushed exterior, 28 cm in size; and a Wok with 20 cm brushed exterior.