Natura frying pan

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  • Made in Italy product
  • Pan suitable for all burners including induction
  • The 5-layer coating with stone effect has a GMO-free vegetable glycerin finish that creates an extra non-stick layer in a natural way
  • Non-stick coating reinforced with mineral particles for perfect resistance to scratches, stains and wear
  • The aluminum used to make the body of this pan is a special green alloy that has a high recycled aluminum content
  • Ergonomic handle for an elegant wood effect, resistant to washing in the dishwasher
  • Perfect on all burners, it is highly efficient on induction hobs, thanks to the stainless steel disc
  • Very easy to clean by hand, it is also resistant in the dishwasher
  • All TVS non-stick coatings are water-based and do not contain Nickel, heavy metals or PFOA, PFOS, BPA

Why buy it?

  • It is green , thanks to VegeTek it is non-stick in a natural way and its body is made with a high recycled aluminum content
  • It is practical , non-stick and stain-resistant and easy to clean, even in the dishwasher
  • It is performing , thanks to the steel disc it has a very high energy efficiency on induction hobs and is compatible with all burners
  • It is healthy , more non-stick, allows you to cook with a smaller amount of oils and fats without Gen-X, BPA, PFOA, PFOS and Nickel Free.

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