TVS, Italian manufacturer leader in non-stick cookware, will attend at the important trade fair being held in Frankfurt from 26-30 January 2024, the perfect stage to launch the new product lines resulting from the significant investments in research and development.

For more than 50 years, with an approach that celebrates Italian culture and know how, TVS has embraced values that go beyond the manufacturing process. Concreteness, a culture of Made in Italy, and Vision of the Future are just some of the guiding principles behind every choice the company makes.

Innovation, TVS’s innate vocation, has made the company an excellence able to transform a passion into authentic excellence. Every single product is a perfect mix of italian quality, production, advanced technology and unique style. With this philosophy, TVS provides solution to every cooking need and culinary tradition across the world, ensuring a unique cooking experience. Recognised as an innovator and trend-setter at global level, TVS creates technologically advanced and top-performing products with constant attention to the environment and to people. Every item created by TVS is a celebration of all things Italian, and a vision of the future reflected in the company’s significant investments in Research and Development.

In 2024, TVS has chosen to return to Ambiente, one of the world's most representative international fairs for consumer goods, an event able to offer a full panorama of all the global market, product and service trends.
For TVS it is a strategic arena where to meet customers and professionals as well as being an
opportunity to confirm its status as a leader in innovation and design.

Over the last few years, the company has intensified its R&D investments, continuing to capture the trends of global markets, together with the continuously evolving needs of consumers. All this is aimed exclusively at providing products able to combine design and technology while guaranteeing the usability, ergonomics, and performance of the most authentic products made in Italy.

Through the emotion-imbued philosophy, "The Planet is Our Kitchen", TVS subscribes completely to the principles of sustainability. We are strongly committed to reducing our impact on the environment, turning the kitchen into a place where passion for food blends seamlessly with responsibility for the future of People and the Planet.

TVS will be presenting a range of new items at Ambiente 2024: 8 new lines, and 4 top innovation collections.

Each of the proposals has been designed and made to work across the board in different markets. , worldwide, where culinary styles and cooking methods vary and require diversified supports. TVS has always made innovating for people one of its musts: products are therefore designed to suit any house, offering superior performance and elevating the cooking experience.

The new lines stand out for their quality, the kind that makes TVS collections suitable for any type of cooking, meeting the requirements of more expert chefs as well as of “everyday chef”. Titan Duo Induction, Universo Induction, Sidera Induction, Icona Induction, Luminosa Induction, are the names of the new ranges, all of which include the most efficient, innovative TVS technology as well as unique styles.

Several innovative features are joined by four brand new projects, the utmost expression of next-generation technology when it comes to non-stick coatings, ergonomics and stand-out designs. Ceramica d’autore Induction, Titan Elite Induction, Elegante Induction, and La Domenica in Famiglia by Enrico Azzimonti, are the top innovation collections that will have the role of
protagonists in the TVS stand.

La Domenica in Famiglia is the perfect combination of innovative technology and unique design,generated by the architectural style of Enrico Azzimonti.

Titan Elite Induction stands out for its superior Titan 4ever non-stick coating, the combined excellence of its non-stick coatings - made using patented technology - and the innovative exterior colors with iridescent shades. The handle is in bakelite with raised grip to ensure ergonomy.

Ceramica D’autore, stands out for its trendy colours, ergonomic handles, and the new non-stick ceramic coating, ECO-OK EVOLUTION, patented by TVS which has evolved performance with the aim of boosting efficiency, versatility and overall performance, creating an ultra-compact, smooth surface that diffuses heat evenly.

Elegante Induction uses brand new colour combinations as well as a new type of full induction disc, patented by TVS. Elegant steel handles and excellent non-stick coatings make the collection absolutely sophisticated and performing. These are proposals that, as well as offering excellent non-stick performance, energy efficiency, durability, and effectiveness in the kitchen, also play with shapes, colours and geometries to offer items that also stand out for their elegant lines and volumes, becoming refined decorative pieces that are perfect to bring to the table.

All TVS non-stick coatings are water based and made without BPA, Nickel and other heavy metals. Our PTFE non-stick coatings are made without PFOA and PFOS, and our ceramic
coatings are made without PFAS.

TVS go beyond, and of its design heritage, is presenting two projects, resulted from its collaboration with internationally famous architects, both at the first experience in cookware project.

Inspired by the traditional cookhouse, ‘Convivium’ by architect Mario Cucinella - Founder and Creative Director of Mario Cucinella Architects - is a set of pans and accessories made in different materials, all eco-sustainable. This compact, portable set offers a unique, versatile, and compact cooking experience.

In ‘Architetture domestiche’, architect Mario Botta has transferred his vision of architecture to a line of cookware in which stability and safety play a constructive role and also define the shape. Architetture domestiche’ is inspired by urban situations where pans are cooking utensils to make the most of the everyday rituals we simply cannot do without.

These designs collections, based on values and vision sharing with the architects, will take shape in the area of the stand specifically dedicated to design.