TVS, Italian manufacturer leader in non-stick cookware, will be at Ambiente 2024 to present one of its latest creations, the "Elegante” collection, a sublime symphony of innovative performance that promises to take the art of cooking to new heights.

In an industry where innovation needs to be the main driver, TVS stands out with a product line that combines elegance and unique style with the innovative full steel disc inclusion technology in the aluminium body, guaranteeing better energy efficiency compared to traditional induction discs.

The full stainless steel induction disc, included into the aluminium body, is a patented TVS technology that ensures energy efficiency and reduced time to boil resulting in lower cooking time and energy saving. The brushed bottom ensures a non-slip grip on cooktops.

The interiors are coated with DIAMANTEK, the TVS non-stick coating reinforced with mineral particles and diamond powder, for better resistance to scratching and abrasion. Thanks to non-stick properties, food does not stick while cooking. Easy to clean by hand is also dishwasher safe. DIAMANTEK is water-based and is made without PFOA, PFOS, BPA, nickel or heavy metals.

The “Elegante” collection by TVS is also impeccable from the kitchen to the table: the bronze-coloured exterior creates an eye-catching effect with the blue central round the of the stainless steel disc on the bottom and the shiny stainless steel handle.

Every item in this collection is a statement of refined elegance that creates a visual harmony that ensure impeccable style from kitchen to table.

The "Elegante" line, which is compatible with all cooking hobs, including induction, as well as being oven safe, is proudly made in Italy.

Sustainability is at the heart of the philosophy behind this range, with the aluminium body is made in 100% recycled aluminium, resulting in an 88% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the use of primary aluminium and optimised production cycles that means a smaller carbon footprint.

Innovation, TVS’s innate vocation, transforms our passion into authentic excellence, ensuring every product is a celebration of Italian quality, production and style.

TVS is not limited to simply offering superior quality products, but through its own philosophy, imbued with feeling: “The Planet is Our Kitchen” totally embrace the principles of sustainability.

By combining style and cutting-edge performance, TVS has redefined industry standards, turning the kitchen into a place of elegance and innovation.

Excellent performance, unique style and colour harmonies make the "Elegante" line the perfect choice for cooking enthusiasts who desire their cookware to be stylish as well as functional.

The line consists of 3 frypans in the diameters 20, 24 and 28 cm; 1 saucepan with 1 handle, 16 cm in diameter; 2 saucepans with 2 handles, in the diameters 20 and 24 cm; 2 two handle pan, 24 and 28 cm; two Woks, one 28 cm with one handle and one 32 cm with handle and grip, and a grill pan with square bottom, 30 cm in diameter, shaped for use with a lid.