TVS, Italian manufacturer leader in non-stick cookware, will be at Ambiente 2024 to present one of its latest creations, the collection "Ceramica d'Autore" with non-stick ceramic coating, patented by TVS, ECO-OK EVOLUTION.

A new technology that takes the concept of cookware to new heights, guaranteeing concretely evolved quality standards, environmental sustainability, and excellent performance for an even more perfect cooking experience.

The heart of “Ceramica d’Autore”, the perfectly made non-stick coating, is ECO-OK EVOLUTION, a new non-stick coating, patented by TVS, with evolved performance that boost effectiveness, versatility and overall results.

An innovation designed with greater attention to the environment, since the coating is made with a more sustainable production cycle (compared versus traditional non-stick coatings in PTFE). In addition the body is in 100% recycled aluminium, resulting in up to 88% less CO2 emissionscompared to the use of primary aluminium.

Thanks to the steel disc the range is compatible with all cooktops, including induction.Special next-generation non-stick coating, creates an ultra-compact, smooth surface diffuses heat evenly, for exceptional, irresistibly crisp and golden cooking results. It also saves energy: boiling time is reduced up to 10% compared to traditional PTFE coatings.
ECO-OK Evolution is a new and significant improved generation of ceramic coatings, with better non-stick properties, abrasion resistance and even more dishwasher safe (compared to the previous generation of ceramic coatings).

The "Ceramica d'Autore" collection is more than just technological innovation; it also represents a visual masterpiece. The shine of the interior coating blends seamlessly into the colours of the exterior lacquer in octanium blue and lilac. The mix creates an elegant contrast making the most of the decorative details on the bottom, and emphasise the shapes of the items and handles. Even the Bakelite handles, devised by Takahide Sano, are not just ergonomically advanced, they are also a declaration of style.

With "Ceramica d’Autore", TVS continues to set new standards in cookware innovation, offering solutions that combines usability, style, sustainability, and superior performance.

Innovation, TVS’s innate vocation, transforms our passion into authentic excellence, ensuring every product is a celebration of Italian quality, production and style.

TVS is not limited to simply offering superior quality products, but through its own philosophy, imbued with feeling: “The Planet is Our Kitchen” we totally embrace the principles of sustainability.

The aim is to transform the kitchen into a place where passion for food is harmoniously combined with responsibility for the future, of people and of the Planet.

The collection consists of various items in octanium blue: 3 frypans in the diameters 20, 24, and 28 cm; 1 saucepan with single handle in the diameter 18 cm; 2 casseroles in the diameters 20 and 24 cm; a 28 cm 2 handle pan, and a 28 cm Wok. There are two items in the colour lilac: a frypan in the diameter 20 cm, and a Wok with a diameter of 20 cm.