TVS, leading Italian cookware manufacturer is proud to present "Titan Elite”, a collection with unbeatable performance, lasting durability, and exceptional resistance to abrasions.

Featuring precious design and cutting-edge performance, the “Titan Elite” collection stands out for its superior non-stick Titan 4ever coating, the excellence of TVS non-stick coating by TVS. It is a water-based PTFE non-stick coating, made without PFOA, PFOS, Gen-X, BPA, NMP, nickel or other heavy metals. The combination of two patented, ultra-performing technologies has made it possible to achieve a resistance to scratching and abrasions never seen before, thanks to the layer in ultra-hard titanium base and the improved non-stick finish, guaranteed by the 4ever ultra-resistant protective barrier. The Titanium treatment forms an exceptionally hard base with particles fused at 15,000°C, applied directly to the sandblasted aluminium body, guaranteeing 4 times more scratch-proof power and standing out for its excellent non-stick quality and strength.

The “Titan Elite” line stands out for its unbeatable performance, as well as for its elegant aesthetic, ergonomic, functional handles and its attention to the environment. Suitable for any type of cooktop, including induction, thanks to the presence of a steel disc, the collection has a body in aluminium and lacquered exterior with high thermal conductivity for even heat distribution and impeccable cooking results without localised overheating. The shapes, iridescent exterior and decorated interior give these products their artistic elegance, a delicate finesse that makes sure the high-tech qualities are also eye-catching and appealing to use in the kitchen.

The handles, designed by Takahide Sano, have raised, ergonomic grip in Bakelite for added safety to guarantee maximum ergonomics and practical use. The bowls in the line are in 100% recycled aluminium, which means a carbon footprint that is up to 88% smaller compared to primary aluminium.

At TVS we are not limited to simply offering products of superior quality, but, through our philosophy, imbued with feeling: “The Planet is Our Kitchen”, we totally embrace the principles of sustainability.

The new "Titan Elite" line by TVS offers a combination of style, performance and sustainability that make a difference you can feel in the kitchen. The Research and Development Department is constantly orientated towards creating products to exceed customer expectations, all over the world, to meet the different cooking needs with a single aim: performance that cannot be equalled.

The line consists of 3 frypans in the diameters 20, 24 and 28 cm; 1 saucepan with 1 handle, in the diameter 16, and one with 2 side handles in the diameter 24 cm; a 20 cm sauteuse; a Wok with 1 handle in the diameter 28 cm, and 1 wok with handle and side handle in the diameter 32 cm.