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Presenting the new Mineralia!



We set out with the idea
that it is always possible
to do something more in general,
but especially in the kitchen,
and we get students involved
in genuine challenges without setting
any limits to their creativity.
At the end of this,
a mix of ideas and industrialisation
is what turns beautiful visions
into real items…

Why buy?

We have created an info sheet for each line,
to outline its main characteristics in just a few words.
This way, you can find the cookware
that best suits your kitchen and cooking styles
and then you can see more about it in its specific catalogue,
in the Guide to choice section.
Remember that every product made by TVS is synonymous with design,
quality and healthy living.
This is why whatever you choose,
you will always be able to count on the guarantee of genuine Made in Italy
and on a precious cooking aid that will help you to discover
the pleasure of problem-free cooking, every day.