Three entrepreneurs set up the company in Urbino, using their initials as the brand name.


This is how everything began


TVS becomes a limited company and the Bertozzini family takes total control.
Cavalier Gastone Bertozzini becomes Company President and Giuseppe Alberto Bertozzini is the CEO.


TVS is one of the first companies to be awarded with the a licence to use the brand Du Pont, multinational and world leader in non-stick coatings as well as inventor of PTFE in 1938.



“These years see the development of a new production technology to replace the previous one, moving from sponge application to spraying.”

This marks a jump in quality for our products, and a move in the direction of collaboration with large retail chains all over the world.



A new production plant is opened near Pesaro and production of cookware under the brand name Cook Pan begins. This plant is successful for some 20 years, until it is decided to move all production to company headquarters.


The Marches and the Montefeltro region are our splendid home: the Urbino factory is joined by a new plant in Fermignano, now the headquarters of the company.


A crucial year in our consecration as market leader: an important partnership with a US company, with exchange of knowhow and expertise marks a turning point.

Cook and Roll: line at the Macef trade show in Milan. A genuine innovation and the first of many that will lead us to stand out from the others in the industry. Finally cookware has moved from simple utensil to functional and decorative item at the same time.

Our quest for increasingly superior quality is now joined by a new attention to aesthetics: for the first time, colour is a design feature, handles are customised in different shades to become decorative elements rather than plain functional additions.


“TVS creates and patents Round Air: a cutting-edge concentric pan bottom.”


TVS becomes synonymous with modern, quality products, thanks to designer communication. Massimo Dolcini, expert art director and lecturer at the ISIA industrial design school in Urbino, contributes with his style and genius to the achievement of this result.


In Italy, Sweden and Belgium, some of our lines are declared the:


“Absolute best in terms of quality and value for money”

At the same time, TVS decides to invest in communication to become a reference brand, taking the company in a new direction.


The Japanese market target is achieved!

In a land that is traditionally hostile to imports, the quality of our products makes headway: another recognition to accompany our expansion at international level.


This year sees the birth of Easy Cooker, , the first important collaboration with industrial design schools: Fine Arts Academy and College of Industrial Art and Design in Urbino. A competition for ideas dedicated to young talents who can experiment the value of innovation on traditionally typical items: new decorations and new shapes to give new life to cookware and bring back creative values.


The competition continued until 2001, involving other colleges of Architecture and Design inside and outside Italy, and embracing themes linked to accessibility, with a special eye to cooking for the differently abled.


In conjunction with US company Texas Instruments, TVS becomes one of the first to launch a range of induction cookware on the market. This new heat source will go on to expand greatly and to work, it needs an exterior in steel.


In 1997 TVS signs a deal with Walt Disney for a licence to produce various ranges of cookware featuring different Disney characters. This period sees yet more research into new styles and new technologies for decorating products. This year also marks the start of experiments with pad printing.


The range of finishes is joined by porcelain enamel:  new painting systems are installed to make it possible to decorate items with this fine exterior coating, with high-shine, heat-resistant finish.


The TVS Research Lab implements a new technology: Titan – Ceramic Plasma Application, a technique only previously used on race cars and in aerospace.
An excellent upgrade to give exceptional hardness to non-stick coating and make it practically immune to scratching and wear.


“Excellent job!”
TVS obtains certification of its Quality System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard from TÜV.


Another great step forward in high-tech innovation: specially made products for use on induction cook tops. By fitting a second steel disc to the bottom of the pan, we now have Induction System.

Today, at TVS we also use two other techniques to create items that are optimised for use on induction surfaces: braze welding for applying magnetic bases and Impact Bonding.


The T-control handle/strong> is developed and registered as an industrial patent. This is a special handle with graphic indicator to show the different cooking stages and any risk of overheating.


“Archetun is here: our most iconic collection, designed by Matteo Thun” A fusion of TVS archetypes and a master of Italian design for a timeless range of cookware.


TVS becomes one of the first in the industry to obtain Certification of Social Responsibility according to the international standard, SA 8000.


The Lady Plusproject, developed for TVS by Giugiaro Design, marks the start of exploration into the subject of comfort cooking.


“We enter the Guinness World Records with a pan that is 3 metres across.”


Archetun wins the international Design Plus award.


Thanks to Archetun, TVS wins German award, Designpreis Gold, and the Gran Prix de l’Art de Vivre in France.


The arrival of Ceramit European-made, innovative ceramic coating that notably reduces CO2 emissions during production and once again, our commitment to eco-friendly wellness is shown to be one of our top priorities.


“Arte in padella” or “Art in a pan” sees TVS celebrate its own personal combination of art and industry: famous names in art and well-known chefs reinterpret cookware la with unique results that are then exhibited at the important Arte Fiera in Bologna.


We are sponsors of the well-known Eurochocolate event in Perugia.


“The Terra line, another design by Matteo Thun, wins an international Design Award.”


The second year of “Arte in padella” is a success at Arte Fiera with new creators and new pieces.


Between 2010 and 2013, TVS invested some 15 million euros in new industrial lines to innovate, improve on quality and increase production capacity. This was the company’s response to the worldwide recession and it has been a choice that has allowed us to proceed, safeguarding our growth path, our know-how and that of all those who work with us. It is also thanks to this that we have confirmed our position on the market as one of the leading manufacturers at national and worldwide levels.


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The Arco collection by Giugiaro Design wins the prestigious “Good Design “ award from the Chicago Atheneum Museum of Architecture and Design.


2012 is a year for consolidation but also for renewal: TVS changes its image and presents a new brand and slogan. Our story continues with a new look, tailored to suit the contemporary needs of a brand that is now known worldwide.


This year marks the start of a collaboration between TVS and Carlo Cracco, multi-star chef and icon of haute cuisine in Italy and the rest of the world. Carlo Cracco is now the face of the brand and its products, collaborating on the design of a couple of exclusive collections and also being the focus of communication in the main trade magazines, on web sites and even on TV.


2013 marks the start of TVS MED, a new production plant in Tunisia, dedicated to North African and eastern markets.


“We are where the cooking is great!”
Our cookware is everywhere: you might see it at food events, show cooking events, food programmes, in blogs…our work over the last few years has taken our brand and products a long way.


With the Liquida line by designer Angelo di Porto, TVS is given an Honourable Mention at the 23rd ADI Compasso d’Oro awards..


With Fatti ad Hoc, TVS exhibits at the Triennale in Milan, together with Bottega Ghianda. In conjunction with designers Alberto Meda, Enrico Azzimonti and Attila Veress, the two companies work together creating unique and extraordinary items: the perfect fusion of industrial state-of-the-art production and the skills of the master craftsman.


“Ten years with ADI”
For at least a decade, TVS has been an active member of the ADI, Italy’s most important design association, and it has continued its work with the IED (European Design Institute), whose students collaborate with TVS’ Design Department on a regular basis.