“Genius enters our lives constantly, and at times, it comes in through the kitchen.”

The discoveries that have changed the course of things often appear to us as flashes of genius, but the driving force of these illuminations is something that silently and patiently feed all of the very best inspirations: culture.
We have a great need for culture and that is why every year, we invest a good deal of energy in initiatives that involve, inform and excite people with regard to art, to food and to the values we hold most dear.


“We have been active members of the ADI – Italy’s most important design association – for over a decade, and for several years now, we have constantly worked with Milan’s IED (European Design Institute), whose students work side by side with our design department.”


From design to food culture and back again. Fatti ad hoc is an initiative that combines industrial culture and artisan skills through the work of designers Alberto Meda, Enrico Azzimonti and Attila Veress. Three generations together to give a new idea to the relationship between two materials and two essential cooking items: metal and wood, pans and utensils.
An original project, never seen before, and one where TVS and Bottega Pierluigi Ghianda worked together to design and create cookware with fire as the bridge between nature and culture, interpreting the lessons of Italy’s first great chef, Bartolomeo Scappi.

Fatti ad hoc

Triennale di Milano Design week 2013



in padella

Arte Fiera Bologna 2009
Arte Fiera Bologna 2010
Centro Arti Visive Pescheria 2010[new!]

When great names in contemporary art work with top cuisine, the pans become “canvases” for experiments and expression. The items change identity, are transformed, and in the hands of creatives, acquire a new value: a new approach to practical thought passing via free and unusual exploration.
The creations themselves were displayed at Arte Fiera di Bologna in 2009 and 2010, in 2010 they went on show in the Centro Arti Visive Pescheria in Pesaro, while today they are on show in the TVS Gallery.

Arte Fiera, Fiera di Bologna: Domenico Bianchi, Mimmo Paladino, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Ettore Spalletti, Massimo Bottura, Moreno Cedroni, Fulvio Pierangelini, and Mauro Uliassi.

Exhibition at the Centro Arti Visive Pesaro: Stefano Arienti, Nunzio, Alfredo Pirri, Botto e Bruno, Flavio Favelli, and Pietro Ruffo, as well as the artists who had already exhibited in Bologna.