The ideal pan for any kind of sauces and any recipe where frequent stirring is needed. The ideal saucepan features the walls and the bottom designed to distribute the heat evenly, especially when the recipe requires a long cooking time. Excellent heat distribution together with high quality matererials make non-stick aluminum an unconditional guarantee of […]


A kitchen essential. Ideal for most recipes, as its French name would suggest – “faitout”. The casserole is widely used in the kitchen, from braising to stewing and in general, for all of the recipes needing heat to be transmitted directly to the food from the entire surface of the pot.


The real star of the kitchen: ideal for frying, sautéing and flash frying. One fry-pan covers most of the cooking necessity.


Braised or stewed? Meat or fish? This pan is the ideal cookware for these recipes. Practical, versatile and stable, and offers a large capacity. The two handles mean it is easy to use in many recipes, and its performance never disappoints.