For many years we have been working with the main design schools and universities, especially the IED and ISIA, to promote and develop innovation projects together with talented young designers.
We start with the idea that we can always do something more in general, but above all in the kitchen, and we involve students in genuine challenges that set no limits to their creativity. At the end of this process, our mix of intuition and industrialisation is what transforms stunning visions into real items: genuine excellent products that can now be found on the market and in homes all over the world.

And it is from one of these collaborations that Liquida by Angelo Di Porto, student at the IED Milan, was created in 2012.
Today Liquida is one of our flagship lines but it has also won several awards: in 2013 it won the ADI Design Index Innovation Award and in 2014, it received a prestigious Honourable Mention for the Compasso d’oro.