and form

“Better looking or more intelligent? If we could choose, we would want both. The secret is always giving ourselves the freedom to think without compromise.”

Until a few years ago, the design of household items tended to focus on aesthetics and creating a fuss around new design shapes. A return to rational style led research to explore new tech solutions in terms of ergonomics, materials and practical use. This is why our design items have a strongly practical core in a stunning body, expressing Italian style and happy thoughts.


“We are people first and foremost, before we are professionals, and like most people, we spend time cooking and we enjoy food. Daily experiences, talent and sensitivity are more powerful than magic when it comes to thinking differently.”

Our product division has always worked with great designers on the Italian and international scenes, but also with important artisan businesses. This has made it possible for us to make wide-reaching comparisons between creativity and rationality, and it is also a continuous stimulus to bring back a perfect balance between our traditional values and the global avant-garde.