Nuova Era induction. Too safe!

Safety above all. This is the aim behind the creation of Nuova Era induction, a line that is truly unique and innovative, developed in conjunction with Giugiaro Design. The main characteristics of this cookware can be found in the new patented safe grip system that fastens handles and handgrips to the cookware without any need for screws; once inserted into the guide, they will stay firmly in place forever. The lack of holes and screws not only adds to safety, it also means that water and food cannot build up during use, which translates as hygiene like you’ve
never seen before Ergonomics, shapes and colours, all by one of the most prestigious designers, show us once again how technology and design are complementary elements in the development of everyday items with
an eye to wellness. Any residues are easily just wiped away. This range is also perfectly dishwasher safe.