Naturally non stick. This range is created using VEGETEK by TVS coating, made with plant-based compounds and recycled aluminium – even the outer packaging is 100% recyclable . A choice developed to meet a target customer that is particularly aware of the subject of sustainability – and wellness, seeing that it does not require the use of oil or fat, but this does not mean it falls short when it comes to the quality and performance of the finished product. The non-stick performance is guaranteed, as is resistance to scratching and wear. A steel disc on the bottom ensures excellent heat performance on induction tops but in general, it is perfect on any heat source.
The range includes five frying pans (20, 24, 28, 30 and 32 cm), two 2-handle stock pots (20 and 24 cm), two 2-handle pans (24 and 28 cm), a saucepan with handle (18 cm), a wok with handle (28 cm), a wok with 2 handles (32 cm), a steak pan (28×28), an oven dish (35×27) and two crepe pans (25 and 31 cm).