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R3SiSTEK by TVS is a totally new product in the world of TVS coatings. It is a cutting-edge, ultrahard surface featuring extremely hard ridges to protect the coating and provide an easy-glide surface for metal utensils.

Using a special TVS technology hardening process, the coating hardens deep down, adhering firmly to the aluminium, creating ultra-resistant ridges. This ridged surface increases the surface area for heat exchange and conductivity, for energy savings.and evenly cooked results. Thanks to the high thickness coating (>100 μm) it is non-stick for longer.


  • The surface of the new R3SISTEK by TVS coating is the result of a special hardening treatment that adds notable hardness and texture to non-stick qualities
  • Scratch resistance: the ultra-hard ridges on the surface are there to protect the coating. The tips of metal items such as knives, brushes and ladles used during cooking will glide over the surface without harming it
  • Durable: the non-stick coating is up to 3 times higher compared to a traditional non-stick, thanks to the high thickness coating (>100 μm)
  • Resistant to high temperatures: perfect for any use, from sautéing to frying and, for suitable ranges with steel handles, also oven safe
  • The non-stick properties of the coating are excellent. There is also excellent food release during cooking, for surfaces that are easy to clean by hand as well as dishwasher safe