Takahide Sano

Takahide Sano was born in Tokyo (Japan) on 06/02/1958
After receiving his diploma in Industrial Design from the Hongo High School in Tokyo (1976), he soon began work in the Design Centre at Toshiba (1976 -1988), specialising in designing audio-video and TV, products for both the Japanese and export markets. His designs from this period include over 60 that entered production and went on to achieve great success. In 1988 he moved to Milan, starting immediately as a junior designer at Studio Bonetto (1988 -1989), then working as an assistant to artist Marcello Morandini (1989 -1993).
In 1990 he began working for himself (Studio SANO).
1996-2001 he was a regular guest every season on the TV football show (RAI 2) “Quelli che il calcio”. 2001-2002 creative director for TVS S.p.A. 2002 creative director for SAMP – Fiera di Pesaro. 2001- 2004 creative director of M.O.D.I.A. Design, a company with which he has developed new-concept scooters, new types of 3- and 4-wheel vehicles, trend research, 1:1 scale prototypes of scooters and minicars, coordinating a group of model makers, industrial and graphic designers, transportation designers, and top-level Italian and European engineers for Honda Europe. As well as working in industrial design, he has also been collaborating with the Unac art gallery in Tokyo since 1980, designing museum layouts in different countries. He works with artists Marcello Morandini, Massimo Lunardon (glass artist) and Luca Bonato (Plexiglas) to organise personal and group shows, catalogues, videos, and events in Italy and abroad.