Monica Albini

Designer, Monica Albini was born in Milan in 1989. After graduating in product design from the IED, European Institute of Design-Milan (2011), she began working with TVS Spa. In 2014 she took her Master’s Degree in “Design for luxury and craftsmanship” from ECAL, Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne, a university of art and design, where she developed projects in conjunction with companies including Hermès, Rémy Martin, Vacheron Constantin and Baccarat. For her, a design project can come from a host of different inspirations from the world around us, processed according to her own vision, but in line with the requests of the customer. A good design project is born of an idea that evolves through a design process that allows it to come to life, to convey a thought, to tell a fascinating and engaging story. She is passionate about cultures, customs and uses in other countries and considers travel to be an endless source of inspiration as well as a vital resource for personal and professional enhancement.