Benedetta Leonardi

An open mind that takes its ideas and inspiration from the world around, applying creativity in an eco-sustainable manner. When she looks at a material, she seeks to understand its potential for reinterpretation and a new life. After studying at the European Design Institute, Benedetta worked with TVS to develop her thesis project, “Afrodite”, together with colleagues Monica Albini and Cara Judd, studying other lines of pans, packaging, colours and graphics for products. Since then she has continued to gain new experiences in different environments: she took part in the organisation of XXXFUORIFESTIVAL (a video art festival), exhibition design, curating the layout for a painting exhibition, various graphic and furnishing projects, and a study into the world of antiques, combined with contemporary graphics. Lastly, she has been experimenting and applying a new technique for regenerating paper, coloured with non-toxic paints, to give a new life to magazines and newspapers by turning them into handmade exercise books. The result is Write Memories, initially developed in the customised line, Travel Memories for the company, Esatour opera & music travels.