Marea (Italian for “Tides”) as a natural phenomenon symbol for endless transformation = pànta rheî (πάντα ῥεῖ) “all moves - and nothing stays still”. The human being cannot make the exact same experience twice, since everything undergoes to the inexorable law of change.

The name stands as an invite to live the cooking experience as flowing tides since any single recipe experience is unique.

Nata dal continuo bisogno di innovare


28X28 cm

Ideal for grilling, preparing juicy dishes.


16 cm

A great help in a small space. Perfect for making sauces, heating portions contained


24 cm

Ideal for boiling, basting, browning. For braised by hand.


28 cm

The queen of the stove. Perfect for sautee, braise, fry.


The Marea handle is an important novelty in the world of cookware. Featuring a raised wavy 3D texture and a patented anti-slip effect, it is designed to increase long-term stability, providing a safer and more comfortable cooking experience.

Thanks to its unique shapes and textures, the Marea handle evokes emotions and offers an intriguing tactile feeling.


The new grill shape, designed by TVS R&D office, allows it to be used for different cooking methods. The place for the lid allows you to retain the steams of cooking in combination with the function of the grill, to obtain soft and tasty dishes.

The grill area has been enlarged compared to the standard, ensuring a bottom area of 530mm².


The Marea set is the ideal companion to make every type of recipe! The body is made of 100% recycled aluminum and the steel disc applied to the bottom ensures compatibility with all hobs, including induction. The patented "Eco-ok Pure" ceramic interior coating is transparent and colourless and formulated without PFAS, without PTFA and without PTFE, reducing CO emissions by 50% compared to traditional non-stick coatings. Finally, the bakelite handle offers excellent thermal insulation properties.


Alessia Bellei is a young designer passionate about innovation and design. Degree in Industrial Product Design in Bologna at UNIBO and Master of 1 Level in Design: Innovation, Strategy and Product at IED Milano.

Creative thinker, tireless designer, has transformed the inspiration given by the waves of the sea into a unique and totally innovative product in the world of cookware.

Marea handle is the first ever to present a three-dimensional texture that makes use of aesthetic and functional properties. The continuous research leads the designer to guess what you can still invent, draw, think.