“If you want to do a good job, then you have to aim to make it really good.”

The first task in doing business virtuously is to think about other people. What this means first of all, is working to improve quality of living, not just in our field of work, but also taking into account the environment around it.

Solid daily actions come from our idea of sustainability:

Company policy that takes eco-friendliness into account and translates as a virtuous production cycle where the aim is to constantly cut environmental impact.

Working to protect people and the environment.

Working with excellent Italian and international concerns, putting in place prestigious initiatives with the art world.

To spread and support culture.

To make our contribution to social welfare.


TVS_Codice-Etico-e-Carta-dei-Valori_ITA_thumb  Read the corporate ethical policy


“The value of a great brand is measured above all in its ability to be sustainable.”


Certification is not a trophy; it is an aim in which we need to believe and which we can achieve over time by working well every day.

When we talk about sustainability, we fully understand our role regarding the concept of wellness, and this is why our company policy translates as tangible product characteristics, customer care, corporate values, and eco friendliness. This has allowed us to achieve important SA 8000 certification – the first international standard to measure the degree of ethics and responsibility of a company, defining the requirements of ethically correct business behaviour towards workers and stakeholders in general by businesses and the whole supply chain.

This is an aim that becomes a new target every time: to keep getting better, so that we can play our part in improving everyone’s quality of life.

“Our Quality System has had ISO 9001 certification since 2000.”


Certification of a Quality Management System is an essential requirement on a global scenario characterised by a high level of competition, which is the situation we find ourselves in today.

Implementing a Quality Management System means setting rules and studying procedures that make it possible to manage structural, human and economic resources through careful monitoring and planning.

With ISO 9001 certification, TVS has been able to map out a management model that allows it to continue to improve via a series of factors, including: orientation towards customer satisfaction, the involvement of human resources, and planning evidence-based strategies.