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A useful guide for answering frequently asked questions about our products

  • What do I need to do before using an item of TVS cookware?

  • What is the best way to use items with non-stick coating?

  • How should I wash my TVS cookware?

  • How should I look after my TVS cookware to guarantee lasting use?

  • Which items can I use in the oven?

  • How should I care for glass lids?

  • Which cook tops are suitable for TVS items?

  • What is PTFE?

  • What is PFOA?

  • What is Ceramit ceramic coating?

  • What are the main characteristics of Ceramit ceramic coating?

  • Why do TVS products with ceramic coating have a low environmental impact?

  • Is Ceramit ceramic coating safe at high temperatures?

  • How can I recognise products with ceramic coating?

  • Can I keep foods in a pan with ceramic coating?

  • Six useful pieces of advice to preserve the quality of TVS products

  • What does mean Induction Technology?


A guide for a correct use of TVS products

Veronica Delfini - Industrialization Product Developer

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