TVS, winners of the German Design Award 2017

Artusi 2.0: TVS winner of the German Deisgn Award 2017, for excellent product design in the kitchen category. After Maestrale in 2016, TVS wins another award, this time for the line designed with Antonio Citterio and inspired by the father of the italian kitchen: Pellegrino Artusi.
“A prestigious award for a dual partnership that honors us: the goal was the search for the perfect combination of design excellence and the authority of tradition, and we are proud of the results which we hope could become the point of reference in the world of cookware” – Giuseppe Alberto Bertozzini, CEO TVS SpA.
Like the ingredients of a recipe, a cooking utensili s an essential part in the preparation of every dish, wether in the home or the professional kitchen, because like every food has its cooking needs, every surface reacts to heat differently, revealing itself for specific preparation. Awarded as Winner for Excellent Product Design in the Kitchen category, Artusi 2.0 is a set of specifi utensils, optimised to perform its task. Each form and function is met with the perfect material and this is why the precious items in the line have been moulded in 4 different finishes: aluminum, copper, steel, cast iron.