The origin of form in a pan.

The meeting between TVS classics and the designs of Matteo Thun have formed a new original item, the shape of Archetun.


An icon of simple, minimal design; the clean-cut geometrical forms of Archetun encapsulate a superior ease of use.  All this is thanks to a high-gauge body in die-cast aluminium, to its comfortable, heat-resistant handles in soft-grip thermosetting material and to its exceptional scratch- and abrasion-proof coating.  The Archetun range, a symbol of design, has won important international awards: the DesignPlus in 2006; the Designpreis Gold from the German Federal Republic and the Grand Prix de l'Art de Vivre in 2007.

Plus di linea

  • Non-stick, scratch- and abrasion-proof coating of the highest quality
  • Heat-diffusing bottom engraved with concentric circles
  • Exterior finish in PTFE
  • High-gauge body in die-cast aluminium with continuous profile
  • Aluminium handles that form a single piece with the pans themselves
  • Heat-resistant knobs and handles in thermosetting material with soft grip
  • Ground bottom
  • Laser etching on bottom
  • Painted edges
  • Aluminium lids with steam vents



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